I am so excited to introduce today’s Momprenuer, Katie Roundy. She and I go way back to the high school days. Where we sat around at lunch thinking we were all so funny. She even taught me the proper way to T.P. a house. Anyhow, she is a wife, a mom of 2, and she lives where its loud and proud, in good ol’ Texas. She is so creative! She has both an Etsy store and a Facebook store. Her products are fun, hilarious, and full of personality. She is sharing with us today how she got started. So without further ado:

What are your Mompreneuer businesses?

My blog is http://somethingaboutkatie.blogspot.com. My Facebook store is Austin Owl. And my Etsy store is SewKatie1.

Wow! You are busy! With so many side hustles and Mompreneuers advertised online, how did you decide what your business would be?

Starting a business takes a lot of work, so it is really best to start with something you already know how to do well. If you are adding a learning curve on top of the service you are offering, you are going to drown. So I chose something I was already skilled at. I started my Etsy store with crocheted hats and purses that I sewed myself.

At the time I was really good at that. If I had just begun learning, it would have been stressful.

You have been at this for a little while now. How did you get started?

Well it all started when my husband began traveling for work. My kids were young and I had time alone in the evenings. So I started crocheting and sewing. People saw what I made and asked me to make hats for them so I opened an Etsy store for hats and purses. Then I started making vinyl printed T-shirts and bags. When people started seeing my projects, I opened my Facebook store, Austin Owl.

These are so adorable! I know living with little boys makes a little partial because legos are EVERYWHERE in my home, so I love this one!

As you juggle life and a business, what is your greatest struggle?

Time Management, for sure! Life gets so busy. Being a mom is always so busy and the ability to be productive is completely dependent upon time management. During the school year I try to run all my errands while the kids are at school, but then I’m also volunteering in the classroom and this and that. There are many things I want to accomplish, and when life gets crazy it is hard. So I am working on putting together a schedule for myself when my kids are back in school so I can get more done and not have to stay up crazy late to complete my orders.

So this is probably a typical evening after kids go to bed?


There are so many shops on Etsy and Facebook. How do you stand out from the crowd?

I implement my sense of humor in everything I do.

Yes! I remember your shirt that was mocking my alma matter’s mascot and it was hilarious. I shared it with my whole family because I was laughing on the floor.

Exactly. Everyone wants to laugh. And humorous catch phrases get people’s attention. They are conversation starters and they show personality.

I especially love this one. Who isn’t going to have a smirk on their face when you open the door to greet them? This is great!

I also love that you use your materials in an unexpected way. I haven’t seen this done before!

Thanks! This is one of my favorites. People are always laughing at the door.

Sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed and then burned out. What do you do when you are feeling this way?

I think you really have to manage your expectations. You can only get out of it what you put in. You can’t expect things to take off with just a few hours a week. If you want your business to be a full time income, you have to put in a full-time work schedule. If you just want a little spending money, then a few hours a week will likely get the returns you are looking for.

That is great advice. Sometimes when we look at what other people are doing online we have a fantasy that it is just something they are doing on the side and they are getting a huge return for just a few hours. We don’t see all of the time they are putting into their Mompreneuer business to make it grow.

Absolutely! And when I am feeling burned out, I struggle to push myself sometimes, but I know that is what I need to do to keep things going.

What would you say is the biggest risk you took?

It is a bit intimidating to put oneself out there. What if people don’t like my product? What if I can’t reach my target audience? So many what ifs! But you just have to go for it and not let it discourage you. If it is something you want to go after, DO IT! Don’t wait! There is an audience for what you are putting out there, it may take you some time to find them so just keep at it and learn all you can to make it happen.

I think that is really important advice. It is so easy to get discouraged before a project gets very far. We want to see immediate returns, and very few businesses actually work out that way.

Katie, What is some advice you would give someone who is thinking of becoming a Mompreneuer and starting a business?

Do something you already know and enjoy. Even when it is hard, don’t give up, keep pushing forward. Make sure you have a support system, your spouse, your kids, friends, a Mompreneuer Facebook group somebody who is willing to listen and encourage you. Organize your time so you can make sure it happens. And at the end of the day, call it good and stop obsessing over it. You’ve done good!

Katie, thank you so much for stopping by and spending a little time with me to talk about your challenges, hurdles, and successes. We all need to hear the reality of what it takes to push ourselves to keep going even when we get discouraged. It is so easy to quit before we have actually given ourselves a chance to be successful in our endeavor.

I would love to hear from others about what they have done, successes and challenges. Let us share in each other’s accomplishments to motivate ourselves to keep on going even when it is tough.


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