Do you see those beautiful flavored honey sticks? I made those!!! I know! I can’t believe it either! They are absolutely gorgeous and my kids are thrilled. By the end of this post, you too will know how to make honey sticks.

Can I share something sad? I did not ever have a honey stick when I was a kid. Such a deprived childhood, right? It’s funny really because I didn’t even know what they were until I started shopping at Sprouts a few years ago and saw them at the check stands. My first thought when I saw them was, umm…really? Too sweet, I think, yes, way too sweet.
This is because my mom doesn’t care for honey. I’m not even sure it was in the well-stocked pantry. And then when I did buy it as an adult, I got it at the grocery store in the little bear bottle. Sure it was honey, but oh there is honey that tastes way better than what you find in a bear bottle at the grocery store. I have since learned this.
My husband always wanted honey around, and then we became big herbal tea drinkers (our collection is a little obscene), and then I started incorporating honey in recipes.
Now I don’t know what I would do without honey in my kitchen. When it starts getting low I start having a mild panic attack. Okay, not really. (Well…maybe. It may be second to my butter obsession!)
Honey is seriously amazing! The health benefits seem rather endless. It is an immune booster, increases energy, soothes sore throats, aids allergies, it can lower cholesterol (seriously!), and on and on. So how is it not a great idea to have flavored honey sticks around?
So gather these inexpensive materials and let’s get started!


  • Straws
  • Condiment dispensers (or medicine syringe)
  • Food Vacuum Sealer

  • Honey
  • Flavors: Essential Oils, extracts

Tangerine-Vanilla Honey Sticks
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 3 drops Tangerine Essential Oil
  • 1/8 teaspoon vanilla
Cinnamon Honey Sticks
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 2-3 drops* Cinnamon Essential Oil

*I first used three drops of Cinnamon EO, it reminded me of red hots and I worried it would be too spicy for my young kids. So I added 2 tablespoons to tone it down.


This is so simple you will wonder why you have never thought of making flavored honey sticks before. Not to mention, it is great to have another use for a food saver vacuum sealer since I don’t use it all that often anyway.

I mixed all my honey in the condiment bottle, but you could mix it in a glass measuring cup with a spout and then pour it in. If you mix it in the bottle, just squeeze and stir it about inside.

Insert the spout of the condiment dispenser into the straw, it should be a perfect fit and squeeze it in until about a half inch from the end. At that point, remove the condiment container and allow the honey to move down at least a quarter inch from the top so you have some room to melt the straw end in the vacuum sealer.

Place the straw in the vacuum sealer on the heat element. Push down the top to start the engine of the sealer and let it do its thing. You can seal as many as you can hold. If they are too close on the heat element they might get a melted together a little, but you will be able to cut them apart without cutting it open.

Be sure to have a wet cloth near by to clean off the heat element if some honey escapes.


Then surprise your kids with a fun snack! It is sweet and healthy, especially if you use raw honey! Now excuse me while I go wrap a ribbon around these beautiful, golden flavored honey sticks to surprise a friend!

So which is your favorite? The tangerine or the cinnamon? Drop me a comment to let me know. Don’t forget to pin this and send it to your mommy friends who love DIY snacks!

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